17 julio 2007


Heeej people;-)

Right now I am in Lublin in Poland on a curse of polish language. And here I met your friend Manuel. Now I am siting in Manuel's room in Lublin:-) We create him his "my space place", where you can meet a lots of new people and bands...a good place (www.myspace.com) if you want to join us you are wellcome...

We are having a great time here, a lot of people from the whole world, a lots of new friends and I am very glad to know Manuel, 'cause he is really great person to hang up, he has a biiiig heart, hmmm, sometimes to big. But I think the people should be like he is. It is good to have friend like he is but I think you know that already:-D

Poland is a beautifull country but it is allso very konservative:-( I am from Slowenija and this is very small but cute country, you should visit it someday.

Enjoy your life and go with a flow. All the best!

Take care,


xxx, Masha.


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Zeiico dijo...

¡Pa ti es la vida, compañero!

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See you

TRAKE dijo...

Manuel has a big heart...yes, I know.But do you know Manuel's bigest part? You can play with
him to discover it. You can be surprised....
See you soon,nice to meet you.

Maoloooooooo como dice el zeico,pa ti es la vida¡¡¡¡
A ver si nos cuentas algo ¡¡¡

elnievas dijo...

aaahhhh bird¡¡¡ the life is for you